Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

MorNatural’s approach is an alternative for sure, but not through the philosophy of Alternative medicine. Our philosophy is based on Integrative Functional Medicine (FM); integrating with Conventional Medicine when and where appropriate, but always pursuing the underlying biochemical imbalances which help to connect and see the whole picture.

This philosophy includes the philosophy of balance and how to restore body functions before a disease has been established. It combines the philosophy of Eastern Medicine with its knowledge of Biochemistry and the Physiology of Western Medicine with the latest scientific research concerning how our genetics, environment, nutrition and lifestyle, all interact with each other. MorNatural is unique in that we embrace the strength and knowledge of both Conventional and Alternative. Lana and Kelly bring to MorNatural clients their experience in Conventional Medicine and passion to share their expertise in Alternative Health while both living what they preach.

With our open minds, diligence in independent research and medical background we successfully escape from speculative adventures while providing you the time you deserve and the latest information you need to obtain the results you want.

Yes, MorNatural favors natural approaches, but it is not about replacing conventional interventions when they are necessary and professionally applied by your physician; it is about optimizing health and performance, how you look and feel and applying natural modalities that work. We can make available functional metabolic testing. These are not your standard medical tests, but tests that investigate biochemical and metabolic “glitches” likely to create obstacles along the way to your lasting wellbeing and/or cause a specific disease process to begin and explore your full potential in physical performance. We, like many modern and innovative health professionals, believe these “shifts” in individual biochemistry are reversible with appropriate nutrition, detoxification and aligned thought processes.

Functional Medicine does not focus on pathology and diagnoses; it focuses on individual cellular health, while relying heavily on nutrition, exercise and a healthy mental state. It is based on comprehensive knowledge of Biochemistry and Cellular Biology and is often defined as a «personalized approach» that deals primarily with prevention of symptoms and possible underlying causes instead of treating symptoms.

Summarizing all of the above, the message from MorNatural to you is: Our ability to live healthy and stimulated lives, at any age, is easily within our control. We only have to understand and work from one key concept — that the body works as a whole:

Molecule->Cell->Tissue->Organ-> Body->Mind->Molecular->Cell->Tissue->Organ->Body

MorNatural, while utilizing a variety of scientifically based integrative approaches, sees disease as a unique chance for change and personal growth. We teach you to recognize and appreciate the body’s feedback. Instead of chronically suppressing these body altering signals, respond to them by modifying outdated health paradigms, individual lifestyle, diet, nutrition and the negative effects of environmental factors. We also teach you how to stay healthy in today’s toxic world. Working together we can create a personal plan that addresses your specific health concerns. This approach will help to restore your vitality and enable you to take greater care of your physical, mental, and emotional being.

We work to guide you toward wellbeing with educational articles, sessons and seminars that are not the same old painful, stressful, diet-and-exercise with “just turn on your willpower” approach. In fact, it’s often not about your willpower at all; it’s about your biochemistry and habitual thinking process. When the underlying issues are addressed, your willpower may just appear. It is so much easier to make positive changes when you are already feeling better!

If you are tired of repetitive health failure; if you do not have a disease, but do not remember the last time you felt good; if lifelong medication is not for you; if you treasure quality of life; if you have health questions that have never been answered; if you are tired of being sick and sick of being tired, if you are looking for health suggestions that will get you up and running, if you are ready for a fresh start, but do not know where to start, MorNatural can help. If you ever thought “what should I know before conceiving a child” or “what should I know before starting a fitness program, it is time to become educated, it is time to switch for comprehensive professional nutraceuticals, that work.

Please, remember, we do not diagnose or treat, consult your physician for this, we educate and suggest.