Lana’s Bio

Lana’s Bio

  • Identifying the individual disbalances and reversing them
  • Bridging the gap between your genetics, biochemistry, environment
  • Researching for you independently, extensively and passionately

Lana Mortensen graduated with her Medical Doctor degree from Kursk State Medical University in Kursk, Russia in 1986 and, following 3 years of additional study, received her specialization in Dermatology. In the U.S. Lana is certified in the field of Nuclear Medicine and spent years independently researching and studying Molecular Biology, Biochemistry , Environmental Medicine and Nutritional Genomics.

Following graduation, Lana worked for 4 years in general practice and for the next 9 years as a Clinical Dermatologist performing patient consultation. It was during this time that she became focused on integrating Conventional Medicine with Alternative Medicine, implementing a client centric personalized approach based on a determination of the probable root cause of a particular health issue. Lana’s philosophy has always been one of educating each individual so an informed decision can be made concerning your optimal health.

In 1995 Lana was offered the position of a Clinical Dermatologist, Associate Professor and Director of a Dermatology Center of Kursk Medical University. Knowing that modern Dermatology and pharmaceuticals had made it possible just to control the symptoms and often at the expense of multiple side effects she, along with her colleagues, worked to expand their knowledge and experience in other therapeutic modalities such as nutraceuticals and frequency therapies. Through clinical trials, Lana was engaged in researching the application of bio-resonance for the integrated treatment of dermatologic conditions. She has a certificate of proposed innovation of implementing this method for correction of dermatologic conditions, as well several publications in scientific literature.

Lana’s passion for helping others regain their health motivated her to attain her certification in the field of Nuclear Medicine in the U.S. She gained experience in the conventional medical model and became more aware of the limitations associated with its exclusive use. She made her decision to devote herself wholeheartedly to educating her clients as an independent health researcher and natural health advocate.

Lana serves as Director of Health Consulting for MoNatural and brings more than 20 years experience in the medical field, extensive research and remarkable results to her clients. Lana’s Russian roots and speaking two languages has brought to MoNatural clients from Italy, Israel, Greece, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Eastern European Countries and others.

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