Kelly’s Bio

Kelly’s Bio

  • Enhancing performance by providing your body the correct building blocks necessary for Optimal Health
  • Preparing your Mind and Body to excel even under the most strenuous conditions
  • Helping you be in control of your own Physical Success Story

Mr. Schaefer is a strength and conditioning enthusiast. Kelly earned his Bachelor’s degree in 2000 in Exercise Science with emphasis in Athletic Training. He soon learned that he had a strong desire to take this knowledge to another level and to further his understanding of the biochemistry underlying an aggressive physical fitness program and the role nutrition can play in the ability of the body to push harder, to do more and to recover quicker. Kelly returned to the college of medicine at the University of Iowa and began his pursuit of a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. He completed his course of study in 2007. Kelly was employed as an assistant in two genetics research laboratories between his undergraduate and post graduate studies.

As an athlete and a scientist, Kelly has always been intrigued by fitness nutrition from diet and Nutraceuticals. He began competing in CrossFit competitions in 2013 and has been reexamining the importance of proper nutrition and appropriate supplementation in support of fitness training and performance. His experience in athletic training, exercise science, genetics research and pharmacy have given him unique insight into the human body and how it utilizes nutrients and other chemical structures. Unsatisfied with the options and quality of products he was using from other companies, Kelly began researching, looking for an opportunity with the right company that focuses on professional brands that integrate a strict regimen of high quality product ingredients and high quality manufacturing processes, with someone who uses a functional medicine approach backed with deep knowledge of biochemistry. Kelly has partnered with MorNatural Health Solutions and Dr. Lana Mortensen to design a specific combination of Nutraceuticals to best support fitness goals.

Kelly serves as Director of Fitness Nutrition for MorNatural. He brings 10 years experience in the medical field, extensive research and remarkable results to his clients.

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