Immune System

Immune System

Each day our body sustains an army of different kinds of assaulting agents. It is indeed amazing what capability our body has to overcome the assault of bacteria, viruses, fungi, environmental pollutants and our own destructive habits (consuming dietary poisons, overuse of drugs, smoking, as well as our toxic emotions and thoughts). In the long run our immune system is capable of not only destroying this army of body and mind assaults, but even restoring the damaged cells and tissue.

Many people start thinking about immunity when the, so called, cold/flu season creates a national neurosis through the media. Some of us look for natural, yet immediate solutions; some prefer quick and seemingly effective means, such as a flu shot; and some are stuck in a stage of chronic confusion, usually fearful of not following traditional doctors’ advice and at the same time missing something important and harmless from an alternative approach. In reality, in my humble opinion, all groups are mistaken and do not recognize that we have to:

First: As a first line of defense in today’s world of processed foods, daily exposure to thousands of different chemicals, an epidemically growing number of cancers and a dramatically increasing number of vaccinations, EDUCATE ourselves and apply our own logic, abstract thinking and common sense to discriminate between facts and propaganda.

Second: Take responsibility not to ruin our immune system in the first place by bringing overwhelming work to it on a daily basis. We are created in such harmony that if we do not complicate the work of the body systems, our body is designed to take care of us without notice.

Third: If we have managed to compromise our immunity at some point, we have to work on rebuilding it and preferably not just when cold/flu season comes. Then during cold/flu season, we may take small extra efforts to fortify our natural defense; and even that may not be necessary.

“Make a habit of two things: to help; or at least to do no harm”. ~Hippocrates

Yes, we are as healthy as the strength of our immune system. But, paradoxically, our immunity is more vulnerable to our own assaults than it is to pathogenic organisms. Germs are everywhere; so, why do some people get sick and some never do? In a healthy person’s gut HUNDREDS of different kinds of disease causing pathogens and fungi can be found; why do these pathogens not cause disease?

Our lifestyle has EVERYTHING to do with susceptibility to disease.

Some essential things to consider:

Our body is holographic. Every cell in our body contains complete information about the entire mind-body system and each cell communicates with millions of others. This means what is good for one organ (let’s say for the digestive system) is good for all others (such as the nervous system, heart and immune system). What is good for our cells is directly linked to a ‘HEALTHY US’. This is why single organ treatment (or even worse, symptoms treatment) of any condition will often fail.

Each of us has an INDIVIDUAL limit to the level of stress we bring to our systems. It does not matter what kind of stress; emotional (worrying, guilt, grief), physical (physical exertion, injury), chemical (pollutants, toxic metals), dietary (hydrogenated oils, excess of sugar, yes excess of sugar is stressful for our cells), acute or especially chronic stress that will compromise and eventually overwhelm our immune system.

Adrenal Glands and Stress

Our adrenal glands respond to stress, make long-term adjustments to stress and TIGHTLY communicate with the immune system. For example, with small doses of adrenal hormones, animals can survive without adrenal glands, but they cannot tolerate any chemical or physical stress, or sustain infection.i

To protect our adrenals from exhaustion, we should support them with extra vitamin C (the highest concentration in the body of vitamin C is in our adrenals), magnesium and vitamin B5 (pantethine). Sodium is also needed for adrenal hormones production; this is why chronically stressed people often crave salty food. Use sea salt which is rich in natural minerals, instead of table salt, which causes water retention. Keep in mind under chronic stressors of various origins there are increased urinary loses as well as loss of vital vitamins and mineralsii and if your doctor thinks vitamins and minerals just change the color of your urine, change your doctor. If you would like to know why, please keep reading.

Stimulants, such as caffeine (all kinds of soda/pop particularly), refined carbohydrates, diet pills and steroid drugs with time will burn out our adrenal glands and our immune system. How? As I mentioned prior, after we eat let’s say a white pasta dinner with a can of soda, we will get a sharp spike of blood sugar (any food consisting of refined carbohydrates will do this). The pancreas has to produce insulin to push glucose (sugar’s molecule) into the cells for production of energy and lowering the level of blood glucose. If we have these types of meals quite often, the insulin receptors on the cells become insensitive to insulin. Then the pancreas has to produce more and more insulin to prevent high blood glucose (yes we do not get diabetes over night; our body is trying to compensate for tens of years). When the pancreas produces a substantial amount of insulin (insulinemia), in 1-3 hours after a meal we may have a sharp dip in blood glucose level (hypoglycemia). Cortisol (adrenal glands hormone) antagonizes the effect of insulin and is released when blood sugar drops too quickly (cortisol increases blood glucose level). But, cortisol is also a primary body response to stress (a stress hormone) as well as an anti-inflammatory hormone and a hormone to reduce allergic reactions. What do you think if our adrenals have to deal, day by day, with stress we bring by our eating habits? Will they have the capacity to efficiently respond to inflammation brought by infection or to an allergic reaction? By the way, insulin by itself is a powerful mediator of inflammation.

Those people who died from “swine flu” likely had a severe attack of Cytokines (small proteins released by cells which trigger inflammation in response to infections). Inflammation is a natural emergency response to infection and to keep this process under control adrenal glands oppose this by manufacturing anti-inflammatory hormones, mainly cortisol, that suppress the immune system and diminish the inflammatory ‘stormy’ reactions (fatigued adrenals become incapable of doing this). In other words, everything should be balanced in our body. Any disease or disturbing symptom is a natural signal from the body to let us know that something is out of the balance.

Adrenals follow commands from the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. The hypothalamus, pituitary gland and adrenal glands (HPA axis) are processors of OUR LIFESTYLE (including our diet and thoughts) and environment. When the HPA axis is in balance we feel alive and vibrant; it is easy for us to get up in the morning feeling well rested and we do not fight sleepiness in the afternoon hours.

I also urge you to awake and start being aware of environmental toxins such as HEAVY METALS. For instance, mercury depletes vitamin C and vitamin B5 interfering with adrenal hormones production, weakening the immune system. Mercury accumulates in the adrenals and pituitary gland. In this case, the metal is the major adrenal stressor and despite all your efforts (good nutrition, rest, exercise and supplementation) you are caught in a chronic poisoned state.

All heavy metals are powerful endocrine disrupters and neurotoxins.

Exercise, relaxation, sleeping at least seven hours each night (adrenals are restored during sleep hours in total darkness) and meditation are effective ways to decrease our stress level and maintain healthy adrenals. At the same time I notice that if we biochemically, through good nutrition and supplementation, fail to support the adrenals, it is difficult to force ourselves to exercise and develop/maintain a healthy style of life.

To evaluate the level of stress, the pituitary-adrenal response can be tested by salivary cortisol and DHEA (precursor for sex hormones) levels; both hormones produced in the adrenal cortex. Both hormones influence energy level and thyroid function, and can profoundly affect our resistance to disease.

Rule number 1: For strengthening the immune system, take good care of the adrenal glands through nutritional interventions and lifestyle adjustment. Watch for the first sign of adrenal fatigue; that being reliance on stimulants.

Gastrointestinal System

What is the immune system? The immune system is an organ system that is distributed throughout the body to prevent pathogens and toxins from being taken in. It consists of natural barriers to infection: skin, mucus lining of the gut and lungs including the nose and vagina, the hair (cilia) in the nose and lungs, hydrochloric acid in the stomach, friendly bacteria growing in our gut, the liver that detoxifies toxins including bacteria and parasites and bile flow that excretes the liver — processed toxins in our intestine, kidneys that flush out bacteria from the body and finally, specialized tissues — lymphoid tissue and lymph nodes, spleen and thymus. And if it is so, doesn’t it make sense that to keep all this Army of Self-Defense functional we have to support each division and subdivision?

Surprisingly, many people and even some doctors do not seem to recognize that more than 70% of our immune system is located in our GUT. This means that more than 70 percent of our immune system function takes place within the intestinal tract. The gastro-intestinal tract is the only organ that has its own immune and nervous system.iii

The immune system in the gut is called gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT). GALT is the mucosal lymphoid tissue that lines the gut and protects the body from an enormous quantity and variety of invaders. The GALT is by far the LARGEST immune organ. This specialized tissue is armed with all kinds of immune weapons: specialized T cells and B cells, M cells, dendritic cells, macrophages and antibodies to fight any kind of infection, even cancer.iv There are numerous studies completed and in progress that support how an intact gut is critical for immunity and resistance to bacteria and viruses.v It is sad if a doctor does not emphasize this to you.

Rule number 2: The first place where most of us bring cumulative damage to the immune system is in the gastro-intestinal tract.

Intestinal Bacteria

In a healthy digestive tract there are a variety of friendly and opportunistic (can become pathogenic) bacteria which should live in harmony with each other along with GALT to protect us from huge numbers of bacteria, viruses and parasites entering the blood stream.

A healthy intestine maintains billions of friendly bacteria and keeps the internal environment in balance. Friendly bacteria carry out many functions such as helping to absorb calcium and produce vitamins B, choline, folic acid and Vit K2. Energy levels go down as we become deficient in all these vitamins and to be efficient in the prevention of infection; our cells must maintain LOTs of energy. Each cell in our body manufactures energy in the form of ATP to maintain the specialized function of each organ. The production of ATP by the cells is a fundamental process of life. For each step of many chemical reactions involved in the process of energy production a specific enzyme should be present. Essential nutrients are REQUIRED such as Vitamins group B and others to activate each of many enzymes for final production of the ATP molecules. Take a look at this file (the cellular energy production cycle From Metametrix Clinical Laboratory) and you will understand from this example how Vitamins/Minerals are important for our health.

Beneficial bacteria also manufacture natural body antibiotics such as acidophilin that fight harmful bacteria (such as Streptococcus, Staphylococcus and many others); process toxins, (preparing them for elimination); and most important, keep opportunistic (potentially harmful) flora under control. Thus, the friendly bacteria in our gut are one of the first lines of defense in our immune system and play an important role in prevention of numerous problems, beginning with indigestion, allergies to autoimmune diseases and vii viii

We should take probiotics, especially following a course of treatment with antibiotics (PRObiotics means “for life”, ANTIbiotics means “against life”). Repeated courses of antibiotic therapy will always lead to immune dysfunction. Consult a Naturopath and/or do your own research to choose good, reliable sources of probiotics. Different probiotics may be required for each particular health issue.

Rule number 3: Each time before automatically pushing a pill in your mouth, you should remember: there are many simple interventions in your lifestyle that can have a significant impact on your condition.

Probiotics make conditions in our bowel unbearably inhospitable for pathogenic bacteria and viruses and promote proper IgA (immunoglobulin A) secretion for immunity. IgA keeps toxins and bacteria from binding to the cells that line intestines. Without enough IgA, the intestines become inflamed, and the lymphoid tissue in the gut swells. Along with protecting us from infections, healthy gut flora protects us from carcinogens and environmental pollutants. There are multiple studies how immune dysfunction conditions (allergy, arthritis, asthma) can be improved by specific types and amounts of good bacteria in the gut.ix

Digestive and Microbial Stool Analysis is a good laboratory test to determine if the gut is a problem for the detoxification system and if there is enough protective flora in the gut.

Rule number 4: Gut flora for your immune system is like your leading arm for you.

Bran (oat bran, rice bran — the fiber-rich outer husk) serves as “food” for “good” intestinal bacteria and increases ‘colonization’ of the colon with beneficial Lactobacillus and Bifidus bacteria. Additionally, bran is rich in Vitamins B, silica (has anti-inflammatory effects and is important in collagen production; thus good for prevention of osteoporosis, heart disease and many others conditions) and magnesium.

How do bran (fiber) and friendly bacteria modify your immunity?

Bacteria in the intestine ferment bran’s fiber and produce short chain fatty acids (SCFA) which have been shown in several studies to have anti-inflammatory properties and stimulate the production of a substance called cathelecidin (natural antibiotic) that has a potent effect against bacteria, viruses and fungi. SCFA in laboratory studies are shown to convert tumor cells into normal cells through initiation of particular cell signaling pathways that trigger activation of the SYSTEMIC immune system through interaction with the immune system in the gut. SCFA (especially butyric acid) have anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating effects and have direct and indirect effects on overall health.x xi

Consider supplementing with PREbiotics (food for “good bacteria” in your gut) such as inulin, lurch arabinogalactans, beta glucan (the substance in porridge oats is known as beta glucan and is known as a powerful immunomodulator), and FOS (fructooligosaccharides). Eat bran (rice or oat) on a daily basis to keep your intestine healthy and your immune system strong.xii xiii

Ok, stay with me; by the end of this article you will understand immunity far more than most people.

Thus, diet and a healthy GUT have PROFOUND EFFECTS on our immune and detoxification systems. Think about the GI tract as if it is an entry to your house; if it is cluttered how will you get in? Do you think that an entry represents the entire house? The condition of the GI tract correlates with the condition of your entire body.

Candida and sugar

Yeast (Candida) flora, which is normal flora in the gastrointestinal tract, if not balanced with friendly bacteria, rapidly grows in the presence of sugar and can cause candidiasis. Think about this as what you do when you want dough to rise; yes, we add what to flour? YEAST and SUGAR; and then the dough rises (grows). It is the same with Candida albicans; if we feed it sugary food it will grow. Candida produce powerful toxins and then the immune system has to do extra work and the rest is ensured, our immune system is too busy to fight viruses without our notice which it normally does. By the way, a diet based on wheat, processed and pasteurized dairy products and sodas/pop feeds abnormal flora in our GI tract. We inevitably end up with a gut dysbiosis (unhealthy bacteria produce mixed acid waste) and then our gut, instead of serving us as a protective organ, becomes a major source of toxicity. The more toxic we are the more our immune system is compromised.

Infant Bacteria

You probably have heard about Sudden Infant Death syndrome — the third leading cause of death in the USA among infants. The shift in the microbial population in an infant’s colon toward pathogenic sulfate-reducing bacteria is contributing to this. These bacteria produce hydrogen sulfate and an infant’s colon cells are not mature enough to detoxify it. Elevated hydrogen sulfate can cause injury of the respiratory center in the brain.xiv The infant bacterial flora correlates with the mother’s bacterial flora which a baby acquires when passing the birth canal. If the mother’s digestive tract is lacking beneficial bacteria (and it will if she was using contraceptives and/or antibiotics, and/or has mercury intoxication), it is more likely the baby will develop dysbiosis. Further, these babies have digestive problems and are more prone to infection (chronic ear infection, allergies and other).

Rule number 5: If you want to have a healthy baby with a strong immune system, take care of your GUT while you are planning a pregnancy and throughout the pregnancy.

Sugar and our Children

Please do not let your children get into the habit of drinking soda/pop (go cold turkey on it, if you already developed this habit by yourself) and do not expect that diet pop is less harmful. And please, do not tell me that you treat your children with “Happy” meals and a can of coke just on their birthday. Do they deserve to have on their birthday: 10 to 13 teaspoons of health-detrimental sugar per serving or what is even worse possibly mercury containing high fructose syrupxv, corrosive phosphoric acid (Ph of cola is 2.5), and profuse amounts of nerve-damaging caffeine? Concerning “Happy meals” take a look at:

Do you really want to give all of the above to your lovely children? Are you curious to throw a “survival of the fittest” test at them?

To continue with sugar and immune response: You probably already know how important vitamin C is for white blood cells — immune cells that fight invading pathogens. Vitamin C has the same structure as a glucose molecule and for entering the cells, also uses the same receptors as glucose. Thus, vitamin C is competing with glucose for cell receptors. Many dietary sugars are found to reduce the ability of white blood cells to capture bacteria. Complex carbohydrates such as whole grains and vegetables release glucose more slowly, so provide less competition for the receptor sites on white blood cells that need vitamin C for proper functioning.

If you are sick (or your child) and have sweet cravings, it is possible that your body is asking for vitamin C. Indulge yourself with fruits rich in vitamin C such as kiwifruit, a slice of melon or berries; they will satisfy your cravings and they are not packaged with large amounts of sugar. Use natural sweeteners such as raw honey and stevia, if you need.

Rule number 6: Eliminate artificial sweeteners and sugar from your diet and limit consumption of simple carbohydrates to one treat per two weeks or less. Do not consume sugary foods when you are sick.

HCl-stomach acid

In a healthy you, beneficial intestinal bacteria provide stimulus for proper immune function. However, if your stomach acid is not adequate and because of it you fail to digest protein, the resulting overgrowth of unfavorable bacteria can release toxic products that your body must remove.

The next important substance that is a natural and strong barrier to infection is stomach acid represented by hydrochloric acid (HCl). It kills bacteria, viruses, parasites and is essential for digestion of proteins (the building blocks of life), vitamins such as B12 and folic acid, and minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc and others. Many drugs such as antacids/acid blockers, specifically H2 blockers such as Zantac, Tagamet, Prilosec, some blood pressure medications, stress, smoking and alcohol block the production of gastric acid and lead to multiple nutritional deficiencies. Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium, vitamins D, A, C and vitamin B12 are CRUCIAL for a normal functioning immune system.

To support the production of hydrochloric acid, consider supplementing with Zinc (a Zinc dependent enzyme is involved in stomach acid production) and a complex of vitamins B. If you already have symptoms of low hydrochloric acid (for example, gastric reflux, and yes I am not mistaken, most of the time it is a symptom of low hydrochloric acid) consider digestive enzymes and betain HCl.

Hydrochloric acid, along with supporting digestion and absorption of minerals and proteins, also kills unwanted bacteria, viruses and parasites, making food safe for the body to digest in the small intestine. HCl also normalizes pH in the blood. If the blood is over-acidic HCl alkalizes it and if the blood is under-acidic it acidifies it. Remember when pH is at the acidic end of the safe range (what pH does soda/pop have?), the body becomes more inviting to viruses and bacteria, as well as more prone to mucus formation, congestion and chronic inflammation. Which system will take care of chronic inflammation in your body? You are right, immune system.

And finally, HCl activates the acidic pH of the white blood cells, stimulating our immune system. Keep in mind that stomach acid declines with age naturally; that is why as we get older, we are more prone to infection.

Rule number 7 (evolved from above): Be aware of what nutrients you are losing as a side effect of medications, do yourself a favor and at least give them back; be aware of the function of hydrochloric acid in your body; eat more alkalizing food during the day and less food that acidifies you such as sweets, simple carbs and meat.

Digestive Enzymes

If you are after 40 or younger and already have symptoms of indigestion (loss of bone density, high blood pressure, heartburn, arthritis, migraines, congestion, IBS, etc.) and low stamina, you may benefit from digestive enzymes. I prefer plant derived digestive enzymes because they work at any pH and do not suppress pancreatic function. For any particular situation a specialist’s advice will be helpful.

Raw food has natural enzymes that complement digestion and assimilation of food, whereas, cooked, processed, “junk foods” take up an extensive amount of not just our digestive enzymes, but METABOLIC enzymes (enzymes that operate throughout ALL organs and systems to carry out their work and maintain the ‘Healthy You’).

The pancreas produces many metabolic and digestive enzymes that perform a wide variety of functions including the destruction and removal of toxins within the body and fighting infection.

Supplementing with digestive enzymes takes burden from your pancreas and allows metabolic enzymes to be efficient. Enzymes are especially important for healthy immune function. For example, white blood cells are rich in enzymes that make the blood cells capable of destroying viruses and bacteria.

In other words, the process of digestion takes a lot of energy. By using digestive enzymes you redirect the energy produced by your cells according to the body’s needs such as fighting off accidentally caught viruses or maybe even cancer cells (the existence of which you have no idea for now) and not continually barrow the body cells’ energy to digest your devitalized (cooked or even worse, processed) food.

All kinds of enzymes in our body are functioning in the presence of cofactors. Most cofactors are vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Without them the enzymes are not active and will fail to support the millions of chemical reactions taking place in our cells each minute. With the speed at which enzymes are working in our body they would be able to compete with the speed at which our national debt is growing. In today’s market with food we are consuming, our cells are screaming for vitamins and minerals, unless we are symptom free, eating green, organic and 80 % raw. Consider taking multivitamins and minerals in a good active form for maximum absorption to support the pool of co-factors and do not worry about the color of your urine.

Because I, with all my heart, support Functional Medicine, which is not about replacing traditional (allopathic) methods, but giving measurable additional information that can identify underlying biochemistry issues, facilitate a ‘road to recovery’ (absolutely naturally) and even predict future health problems, I would suggest that you take the next effective step toward your wellness and do a nutritional (vitamins/minerals/trace-elements/antioxidants) assessment test.

Rule number 8: Supplement with digestive enzymes if you have symptoms of indigestion or your diet is primarily cooked food. For appropriate function of your immune system, supplement with good reliable brands of vitamins and minerals in their active form.

No matter how well you eat, if your digestive system isn’t breaking down and absorbing the nutrients in your food or does not eliminate toxins and waste products effectively, your body can not get what it needs to keep your immune system strong and you healthy. We are not just WHAT we eat, but HOW we eat and what we ABSORB.

Food sensitivities

It is not out of place to mention that food sensitivities can precipitate in chronic inflammation in your GI, consequently increasing the permeability of GI walls allowing large molecules of undigested food to leak into your blood (“leaky gut”). Any crossing of the barrier by what is considered foreign will result in activation of the immune system. Of course with chronic inflammation of the gut you can end up with arthritis, thyroid problems, sinusitis, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, migraine and many other autoimmune conditions. Why? Because normally, the immune system can distinguish between «self» and «not self» and attack just “not self”, because bacteria, parasites, fungi and large molecules of protein and fat are normally not absorbed in the bloodstream. If this happens, the immune system becomes “confused”, nonspecific and attacks our own organs and tissue.

“Leaky gut” can result from hidden sensitivities to highly reactive foods such as milk or gluten while we may have no clue that we are sensitive to it. The question then becomes; can we blame our immunity for being unfaithful to us in the cold/flu season?

Please do not mix food allergies and food sensitivities. Food allergy testing is performed with a skin prick test; for food sensitivities we should consider having an IgG/IgE blood test for food antibodies. Food sensitivities can either precipitate or perpetuate an autoimmune disease vicious cycle (allergies, asthma, arthritis, thyroiditis, celiac disease, IBS, CFS and many others).

These sensitive blood tests are preferable to analyze the reaction to food. We can then, for a period of time, avoid the food that creates obstacles on our way to healing.

Immunoglobulins-G4 are antibodies associated with non-atopic (no rash) or «delayed» food reactions that can worsen and cause many different health problems. These reactions are considered the most common form of immunologically mediated food intolerance and are more difficult to notice since they can occur hours or even DAYS after consumption of an offending food.

Rule number 9: Read again and know by heart rule number 2; Make no mistake: there is no disease where the gastro-intestinal tract is not involved.

Foreign Substances

We absolutely can NOT expect our immune system to be strong and efficient if we overwhelm it with hydrogenated oils; high fructose syrup; products from white flour and in general excess of simple refined carbohydrates; packaged food with additives, preservatives and coloring; artificial sweeteners and products with them; pasteurized/homogenized milk; meat from animals raised with antibiotics and hormones; irradiated food; aspartame products; MSG and impure water. I am sorry, but it is all against nature; all of the above are foreign to our cells and even toxic. If we fathom it, at least at some point, and will be able to teach our children to do so, of course by our own example, we do not have to seek a one pill “solution” or magical shot, both of which usually turn out to be a list of medications and series of life-long shots with numerous side effects (and if it is so, then how can we call it “a solution”?).


The first place to start with any problem, or for pure prevention which is always the best, is our diet. In short, eliminate all foreign unnatural substances from your diet that cause chronic and for many years silent inflammation in the body, including all hydrogenated-homogenized products that saturate cell membranes, including brain cells. If you educate yourself and understand, it will not be easy to fool you with the lucrative media health information.

Please keep in mind — simple interventions can make a big difference. A simple step, for example, changing the type of consumed oils can change our cell membranes alleviating our symptoms (there are too many different symptoms to list here, especially heart complications) and positively impact your health; I know of no drug that can do this.

For the sake of our health we have to admit the simple truth: despite that we are “fortunate” to have the ability to satisfy our hunger easily now in our society, most of us including our children are malnourished, intoxicated, dehydrated and overmedicated. Would you like my most recently found fact that will surprise you? There appears to be an epidemic of accusations, against parents and baby sitters, of Shaken Baby Syndrome (USA and UK — two countries in the forefront of this practice) with more and more scientific evidence showing it to be congenital rickets (vitamin D deficiency), prematurity and adverse effects to vaccinations.xvi xvii xviii xix xx

Rule number 10: Think seriously about your food sources.

“Let your food be your medicine» ~ Hippocrates — The Father of Medicine


If our liver detoxification system would work 100%, which is virtually impossible in modern day society, we could be almost disease free. Why? Because this fantastic liver would be able to modify and prepare for elimination, all foods listed under ‘foreign substances’ above, all drugs, alcohol and poisons such as toxic heavy metals we have been putting in us, all pollutants we are breathing and taking in, all vaccines we are injected with, all toxic substances we apply on our skin such as preservatives in cosmetics, all parasites, bacteria and viruses we catch. So our blood would be clean and fluid to supply our organs with oxygen and only nutrients that are needed (well, we still have to take these nutrients IN somehow) and preserve the natural “organs reserve” to withstand aging.

Now, why I said “we would be almost disease free”, is because other toxin eliminating organs, kidneys, intestine and skin, should work in tandem with the waist processing station, our liver, in order to let our immune system do its specific job — fight the invaders without our notice.

Can you make the connection now what a cold is? If we come down with cold symptoms, the feedback from the body is: “your toxic load devastates the natural way of toxin elimination (liver, colon and kidneys), but I have to keep you alive at any cost, so please cooperate with me. For decreasing your toxins load I will use the organs in reserve: nose, eyes, skin, and lungs”.
Now, does it make sense to suppress our cough or runny nose with drugs? What do we do to get rid of smoke when we accidently burn our dinner? Do we close all windows and turn of the ventilation?

Rule number 11: Toxicity (including the toxicity of our thoughts) determines our immunity and overall health. Microorganisms thrive in a toxic environment!

What can we do about “toxic” thoughts? We can research one of the newer fields of medicine that is getting more and more attention such as Energy Medicine. Consider that now, the study of courses of meditation are going to be implemented even in some medical schools. My hope stays, that it will not be only a week or two of devotion to this like it is for Nutrition.

Learn about psycho-spiritual transformation and how to reset your mind; if you try and it is difficult to do, then you may have to balance your biochemistry first. All of this can substantially reduce your stress level and will heal you within.

“A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illnesses” ~Hippocrates

“It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has.” ~Hippocrates

Anyway, the main organ for processing toxins is the liver. Scientists estimate that everyone today possesses more than 700 contaminants within; these chemicals and heavy metals are PERVASIVE and CUMULATIVE.xxi xxii xxiii xxiv xxv xxvi xxvii U.S. environmental protection agency (EPA) studies reveal that 100% of people tested have dioxins, PCBs, dichlorobenzene, styrene and xylene in their fat cells. Our distant ancestors were not exposed to all environmental chemicals that we are subject to today. Therefore, our bodies have not developed the capacity (our livers specifically) to metabolize all of these man-made chemicals. These environmental chemicals can induce NUMEROUS structural and functional changes in the immune system. While it is unrealistic to escape exposure to certain pollutions, with some lifestyle adjustments and a thoughtful detoxification program, we are, however, capable of making sure we are not “walking chemical bombs”.

Additionally, the main war with free radicals, ROS (reactive oxygen species), is going on mainly in the liver, but also in every cell in the body. Free radicals are produced physiologically in our body during the process of energy production or while our immune system is fighting offenders, but for this kind of thing the body produces powerful antioxidants (free radical scavengers) such as glutathione peroxidase, SOD (superoxide dismutase) and catalase. These antioxidant stores become easily depleted with such problems as poor food choices, pesticides, drugs, herbicides, xenoestrogens (chemicals that act as estrogen in the body such as plastics from using plastic dishes in a microwave), toxic metals and other toxins which TREMENDOSLY increase the rate of free radical production in our bodies. When the rate of free radical production overwhelms the body’s ability to neutralize them, they damage our DNA, cell membranes and proteins. This is exactly what brings damage to our arteries (then, they need cholesterol to band aid the damage), skin, eyes, intervertebral disks and other structures — all consisting of collagen. On the cellular level, free radicals inhibit cell activities and even cause their death. When DNA is damaged by ROS it can cause genetic mutation and future cancer. Now you probably can see where the true war against cancer should start (should it be a new chemotherapy drug?).

So, what can we do?
We have to help our liver produce enough antioxidants and support the liver phase I and phase II detoxification to overcome all these problems. To learn about the liver detoxification system that includes phase I and II, you may read my other article on liver detoxification; for now I am afraid you are already overloaded with information. If you made it to this point, I take my hat off to your inquisitive mind. I love to work with clients like you.

N-acetylcysteine (NAC), methionine and glycine are amino acids from which glutathione (a powerful antioxidant for the body) can be synthesized. Alpha-Lipoic Acid and Milk Thistle can significantly help with the cellular production of glutathione. You can add other antioxidants in your daily regimen such as Vitamin C in buffered form, Vitamin E, minerals (selenium, magnesium and zinc), resveratrol and coenzyme Q10.

To understand what nutrients our liver relies on take a look here:
The key nutrients required for both liver phases detoxification are: niacin, essential fatty acids (from omega 3 and omega 6), vitamin C, B12, B2, B5, taurine, folic acid, minerals (copper, magnesium and manganese), and beta-carotene (vitamin A). An adequate bile flow is very important in detoxification. It is bile that carries out metabolized waste (cholesterol, toxins and hormones such as estrogen — most breast/uterus cancers are estrogen induced) to be eliminated by a HEALTHY functioning intestine. Amino acids, glycine, taurine, choline (a form of vitamin B best known as lecithin) and some bitter herbs are excellent for enhancement of bile flow. Please, continue to remember that the process of detoxification of the daily chemical load and drugs depletes VITAL nutrients – so, supply your body with adequate amounts of multivitamins and minerals. From my experience, I suggest VitalBase I or VitalBase II packets.

My last suggestion for you is:
“SWEAT! — sweat out your toxins.” This is an effective method of toxins and heavy metals detoxification. Use a sauna (an infrared sauna if you have compromised conditions and do not tolerate hot temperature very well). Do you remember that toxins accumulate mostly in our fat? Body fat becomes water-soluble at 43ºC (110F) and the body can sweat toxins out.

Use the power of the Sun to boost your immunity. And it improves eyesight too! Please also stop using sunscreens with carcinogenic preservatives.

The heart is pumping our blood, creating circulation. The lymph, which is the important part of our immune system, is totally dependent on physical exercise. Any exercise helps to boost your immunity, but rebounding on a trampoline is the most effective (you can always buy a mini-trampoline and it is fun at any age!) Rebounding on a trampoline directly strengthens the immune system and enhances origination of blood.

Rule number 12: Most “diseases” are the result of undiagnosed nutritional deficiencies, accumulation of environmental toxins and years of “chronic silent inflammation” in our bodies.

In terms of toxicity, I have a question: Do you really think there are safe levels of TOXIC metals, like mercury, lead, arsenic and cadmium in our body? Are there safe levels of pesticides or solvents in our body? What is your GUT saying to you (if it’s healthy)?

«Time is that wherein there is opportunity, and opportunity is that wherein there is no great time. Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.» ~Hippocrates

Yours in Health,

Lana Mortensen

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